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Orbital Replacement Unit - based on Building Blocks for Advanced Assembly of Space Systems

The ORU-BOAS embarked on an exciting journey where we are revolutionizing space systems through a groundbreaking concept: The Orbital Replacement Unit, based on Building Blocks for Advanced Assembly of Space Systems. Our committed researchers are dedicated to an ambitious objective: facilitating the assembly, repair, and deployment of space infrastructures directly in orbit. 

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As ORU-BOAS traverses its second year, our consortium presented the second edition of the ORU-BOAS Newsletter, highlighting the completion of WP2 and WP3 while providing a sneak peek into the ongoing progress of WP4.


Furthermore, we revealed a mesmerizing video, offering an artistic portrayal of the mating process between two ORU-BOAS platforms. This immersive experience allows us to witness firsthand how our active involvement shapes the future of space.


The CDR meeting also took place on April 10th in the prestigious regional metropolis and international center of Brussels, Belgium, marking a significant milestone for our project. The presence of our project officer Mr. Fabio Mellone further enriched our discussion, assessing our progress and mapping out our next steps.


CDR meeting

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