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Impact Monitor Project opts to deliver a collaborative framework and toolbox for technology and policy assessment of the environmental, economic, and societal impacts of European aviation R&I.

Impact Monitor Academy

The project recently announced the initiation of the Impact Monitor Academy, an education initiative that is targeted to Master’s students that have a keen interest in exploring the environmental, economic, and societal impacts of aviation. The focus of the Impact Monitor Academy will be on the development or application of impact assessment models, with the potential for integration into the broader Impact Monitor framework. The participants will undertake the development of such models focused on aircraft/airport/air transport system level in the scope of internships or Master theses under the supervision and support by the project partners. An open workshop, embedded in the 14th EASN Conference 2024, will provide a platform for students to share the results achieved during the Impact Monitor Academy.

Impact Monitor Academy

Technical Workshop & M12 Progress Meeting

At the end of February, the IMPACT MONITOR partners gathered at the esteemed Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / CIMNE premises in Barcelona, Spain, for an insightful two-day technical workshop and M12 progress meeting. 

The technical workshop was focused on the development of the Impact Monitor framework and dashboard application, harmonizing the common language and data model available at CPACS.de. To demonstrate the capabilities, the team moved forward with the implementation of three multilevel demonstration usecases that will showcase the holistic system-of-systems approach to aviation impact assessment. 

  • Use Case “Advanced Propulsion System” will show the integration and assessment of new engine technologies at aircraft and mission level.
  • Use Case “Continuous Descent Operations” will demonstrate the change of operational procedures and their multiple impacts at airport level.
  • Use Case “Sustainable Aviation Fuel” will illustrate the impacts of policy on future fleet and fuel market developments at air transport system level.
M12 Workshop & Technical progress meeting

Participation in the PULSAR Project event at the European Parliament

Impact Monitor has been actively presented by the project coordinator, Prajwal Shivaprakasha of the DLR - Institute of System Architectures in Aeronautics, alongside Pulsar project, at the European Parliament in Brussels last April. The focus has been laid on holistic aviation assessment, with the participation of members of the European Parliament, Policy makers, interested stakeholders and EU-CINEA executives.

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