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Hydrogen lightweight & innovative tank for zero-emission aircraft

Advancements in Sustainable Aviation: Spotlight on H2ELIOS

The H2ELIOS project, a cornerstone in the journey towards zero-emission aviation, has recently made significant strides in the development and dissemination of its innovative hydrogen tank technologies. Supported by the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking and funded by the European Union, H2ELIOS is pioneering efforts to utilize hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source for the aviation industry.

Official Newsletter Unveils Project's Milestones

In a remarkable demonstration of progress, the H2ELIOS team has released its first official newsletter, detailing the achievements and future plans of the project. This publication serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts invested in making zero-emission aircraft a reality, showcasing the project's milestones, including successful review meetings and technological innovations.

Applus+ Leads in Innovation at JEC 2024

At the forefront of materials testing and certification, Applus+ recently presented its contributions to the H2ELIOS project at JEC 2024. The showcase highlighted the project's innovative approach to hydrogen storage solutions, emphasizing the potential of lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. This presentation not only underscored the technical prowess of the H2ELIOS team but also reinforced the project's role in leading the aviation industry towards sustainability.



Brussels Hosts Successful 2nd Review Meeting

Marking a significant milestone, the H2ELIOS project convened its second review meeting in Brussels. This gathering brought together key stakeholders and project members to evaluate progress and discuss future directions. The successful review underscores the project's adherence to its goals and its commitment to overcoming the challenges of integrating hydrogen technology into aviation.



As H2ELIOS continues to lead in sustainable aviation, the team is enthusiastic about the future and the potential of hydrogen technology in transforming the industry.

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments. For more information and regular updates regarding H2ELIOS, visit the project’s official website and social media pages: LinkedIn | Twitter


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