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Hybrid Electric Regional Fuselage & Empennages

The HERFUSE project, which stands for Hybrid Electric Regional Fuselage & Empennages, is a new pioneering 3-year Clean Aviation research project focused on revolutionizing regional aircraft propulsion systems. This groundbreaking journey commenced with the kick-off meeting on January 30th, 2024, held at Pomigliano d'Arco, the Metropolitan City of Naples. 

herfuse kickoff meeting

HERFUSE aims to design innovative fuselage and empennages for future Hybrid-Electric Regional aircraft (HER) to reduce Green House Gases (GHG) emissions. It addresses layout, materials, components, manufacturing, and assembly challenges, integrating features for hybrid-electric propulsion and complementary systems to improve weight, durability, aerodynamics, and operations. The project aligns with the HERA project, focusing on regional aircraft, and aims to achieve performance gains through technologies such as low GHG energy sources, storage, distribution, operational features, and thermal management. HERFUSE's technical solutions will contribute to reducing emissions at the aircraft level, which is in tandem with HERA's objectives. 

Currently approaching its first semester, HERFUSE got its moment in the epicenter courtesy of the prestigious Italian newspaper "La Repubblica"! Our partner Luigi Di Palma, Mare Group managing director, gave an interview highlighting the HERFUSE project and its inspiring innovation. 

Furthermore, our consortium has successfully developed the project's visual identity, public website, and LinkedIn and YouTube pages. We have also released the engaging HERFUSE promo video, which provides an overview of our project, and another captivating video that highlights the expected outcomes.


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The project is supported by the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking and its members.‚Äč

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