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Hybrid-Electric Regional Architecture

The HERA video series has been initiated with the release of the first episode of Season 1 entitled “Meet the Researchers”. In Season 1, seize the chance to delve deeper into the backgrounds of the engineers and researchers driving the vision of shaping the third era of aviation. They explain the reasons the HERA project was launched, what type of problems are called to address along with the pioneering technologies developed in the frame of the project to serve its objectives. Most importantly, with the overarching objective of developing a regional aircraft equipped with deployable technologies by 2035 in mind, the vision for 2030 entails showcasing pioneering and transformative technologies to achieve enhanced aircraft performance and facilitate the emergence of novel business models. 

hera video

In pursuit of the HERA goals, the project comprises various partners with expertise in specific technologies marked for development and most of them are introducing themselves in Season 1 starting with Alessandro Sgueglia from ATR. As part of the HERA project, ATR will leverage its robust expertise in the regional aviation market, encompassing mission requirements, demanding operations, and the business needs of operators while Alessandro Sgueglia eloquently explains how they will contribute to the definition of a more responsible aircraft considering an entry into service by 2035. You can watch the full episode here. You can also subscribe to the HERA YouTube channel  so as not to miss out on the upcoming episodes!

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