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European recycling and circularity in large composite components

Innovations and Progress in European Recycling and Circularity: Spotlight on EuReComp

The European aerospace and aeronautics sector is making significant strides in sustainability, led by the groundbreaking initiatives of the EuReComp project. Focused on recycling and circular economy practices, these advancements not only align with the European Green Deal but also establish a benchmark for the global aerospace industry. Major developments include:


Innovative Workshops and Strategic Plans: The EuReComp project's recent workshop underscored pioneering strategies for recycling large composite components. Emphasizing the role of digital platforms and machine learning, these innovations aim to revolutionize recycling processes. Τhe Workshop gathered more than 60 participants in Vigo, Spain at AIMEN’s Technology Center and was a chance for all to  exchange ideas, insights and inspirations.




Newsletter Insights: Through its third edition, the EuReComp newsletter has highlighted the project's progress and achievements. It serves as a vibrant showcase of the technological leaps and collaborative milestones reached by the team.


JEC World 2024 Participation: EuReComp 's engagement at JEC World 2024 illustrates its commitment to industry collaboration and knowledge dissemination. This participation is pivotal in steering the future of sustainable materials and technologies within aerospace.



EuReComp Webinars Series of 2024: The launch of the EuReComp Webinars Series in marks a significant step towards broadening the dissemination of knowledge and expertise in the field. With four webinars already planned this year and more planned for 2025, this series is a valuable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of recycling and circular economy in aerospace.



Introduction of the Official EuReComp YouTube Channel: The debut of the EuReComp project's official YouTube channel signifies a new era of engagement and outreach. This platform not only facilitates the widespread sharing of informative content but also serves as a hub for updates, tutorials, and discussions related to the project's objectives and achievements.


As we advance, fostering collaboration among all stakeholders remains essential for realizing a sustainable future.

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