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Enhanced Pilot Interfaces & Interactions for fighter Cockpit

Pioneering Advances in Pilot Interface and Interaction through the EPIIC Project
A Milestone Meeting at Dassault Aviation, Mérignac
Last weeks marked a significant milestone for the Enhanced Pilot Interfaces and Interactions for Cockpits (EPIIC) project, as team members convened for a crucial Progress Management Team (PMT) meeting hosted by Dassault Aviation in Mérignac, France. This gathering brought together leading figures from across the consortium to strategize and share key insights, underscoring the strength of the partnerships and commitment to advancing aerospace innovation.

EPIIC PMT meeting

Pioneering Contributions by Consortium Members: Spotlight on Indra

In a recent exciting development, we shared a new video highlighting the groundbreaking contributions of Indra to the EPIIC project. Indra's work focuses on integrating advanced technologies into pilot helmets to enhance both performance and safety, featuring innovative methods for real-time monitoring of pilots’ cognitive and physical states. This initiative is not just advancing technology but is also enhancing the human element in high-stress environments, setting new standards in fighter cockpit technology.



Looking Forward

The EPIIC project continues to push the boundaries of military aviation technology, fostering collaboration and innovation within the aerospace community. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine the capabilities and safety of military cockpits through cutting-edge technological integration.

For more information and regular updates regarding EPIIC, visit the project’s official website and social media pages: LinkedIn | Twitter and YouTube channel.


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