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Digital method for imprOved Manufacturing of next-generation MultIfuNctIOnal airframe parts

The project DOMMINIO, - "Digital method for imprOved Manufacturing of next-generation MultIfuNctIOnal airframe parts," began its journey on January 20, 2021. Our diligent researchers are dedicated to developing an innovative, data-driven methodology encompassing the design, manufacturing, maintenance, and pre-certification of multifunctional and intelligent airframe parts.


As our project traverses its final phase, the DOMMINIO consortium has amassed numerous achievements and milestones. Building on these successes, our consortium is diligently engaged in dissemination activities, proudly unveiling the 6th and 7th episodes of our video series "Ask The Researcher." In these episodes, our researchers delve into our latest findings and illustrate how the DOMMINIO project is shaping the future of aviation.


The 5th and 6th DOMMINIO newsletter issues are also out.  Filled with thrilling updates, notable achievements, and valuable insights, these editions exemplify the remarkable dedication and contributions of our vibrant community.


Finally, DOMMINIO stands tall among its sister projects, MORHO and  SUSTAINAIR, as they join forces to unveil a groundbreaking new video. This captivating production explores the collaborative efforts of these pioneering projects, offering a glimpse into how their initiatives are revolutionizing the world of aviation.


For more information and regular updates on the DOMMINIO project, visit the DOMMINIO official website and DOMMINIO social media pages: LinkedIn | Twitter |YoutubeZENODO.






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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101007022.