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Construction Of Novel CERTification methOds and means of compliance for disruptive technologies

The CONCERTO project is exploring novel certification methods and means of compliance for disruptive technologies. The project aims to develop a comprehensive set of regulations on certification, together with a preliminary description of Methods of Compliance (MoCs) applicable to the three "thrusts" of Clean Aviation (Hybrid electric regional aircraft, Ultra-efficient short and short- medium range aircraft, Disruptive technologies to enable hydrogen-powered aircraft). It will also assess the feasibility of a digital certification framework to support collaboration and model-based certification, while developing the novel Certification Readiness Level (CRL) scale to serve as a common certification framework, in close collaboration with the EASA.

EASA Workshop | CRL Scale

EASA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, welcomed the CONCERTO team for a dedicated workshop on the certification of disruptive technologies.  This event provided a unique opportunity to explore a groundbreaking concept born from CONCERTO: the CRL Scale. The CRL scale is designed to assess the certifiability of a product/system, while engaging progressively with aviation authorities, offering a crucial complement to the traditional Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale. Providing a series of guidelines and reusing industry standards, it is set to prepare the aviation product certification, while innovative solutions and product design are being matured, and to reduce the time and costs for the Entry-Into-Service (EIS) of the next-generation aircraft.

easa workshop crl scale


Experimental Validation Aircraft (EVA) development

In the frame of the Active Wing Proof of Concept, under the coordination of Dassault Aviation, a scale 1/2 model of the EVA has been meticulously crafted by Aviation Design, using advanced carbon-fiber composite materials. This model is currently under crucial windtunnel tests to evaluate its aerodynamic characteristics, that take place in ONERA’s renowned L2 low-speed wind tunnel in Lille, France. 

eva model wind tunnel onera


Steering and Project Management Committees Meeting

In February, representatives from the consortium convened both at the prestigious ONERA premises in Lille, France, and online. The synergy between the Steering Committee and Project Management Committee was palpable, as discussions focused on ensuring the efficiency and impact of our project implementation. A highlight of this gathering was an exclusive tour guided to the ONERA windtunnel, witnessing firsthand the EVA model and the cutting-edge aeroelasticity tests underway.

concerto steering committee meeting onera wind tunnel


Annual Review Meeting

CONCERTO completed successfully its 2nd Annual Review meeting at the Clean Aviation premises in Brussels, Belgium. Over the course of the meeting, the project team took the opportunity to showcase the strides of the first project year and received positive feedback on the progress so far. 

concerto annual review meeting


More Electric Aircraft (MEA2024) Conference

Our esteemed partners from ISAE-SUPAERO and Airbus took the stage at the More Electric Aircraft 2024 conference in Toulouse, France, to present their outstanding work, entitled "Hydrogen Aircraft Certification: Determination of Regulatory Gaps". This study sets out to identify and bridge the regulatory gaps that currently hinder the certification of hydrogen-powered aircraft. By scrutinizing existing regulations, the research delves into the adequacy of current standards for accommodating the novel architecture and safety requirements of hydrogen-fueled aircraft.

MEA2024 conference - H2 aircraft certification


Clean Aviation Annual Forum (CAAF) 2024

CONCERTO has been showcased at the CAAF2024 in Brussels, Belgium, last March. Highlights of the day included a captivating project overview presented by Philippe Rostand, VP R&T and Future Projects at Dassault Aviation, and an insightful presentation on EASA's approach to innovative certification processes, making a compelling link to CONCERTO, by Alain Leroy, Chief Engineer at EASA.

Clean Aviation Annual Forum (CAAF) 2024


AERO Friedrichschafen 2024

Our esteemed partners from the University of Stuttgart – Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) showcased their groundbreaking research on sustainable aviation at this year's AERO Friedrichshafen, the leading airshow for general aviation. During these 4 insightful days, they took the chance to present CONCERTO and its recent advancements to the visitors, highlighting the impact it has had on the achievement of Clean Aviation's ambitions.

AERO Friedrichschafen 2024


EUROCAE Symposium 2024

During the latest EUROCAE Symposium 2024, Maria Calvo Blanco, Head of Unit Project Management at Clean Aviation JU, held an insightful presentation including CONCERTO in relation to the current certification challenges within the Clean Aviation Programme and the novel CRL scale.

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CONCERTO Newsletter

The inaugural edition of the project newsletter has recently been published and is packed with insights into the challenges towards the establishment of a new certification framework tailored to disruptive technologies. Highlights of the recent advancements and collaborative efforts are also provided, especially in relation to the novel Certification Readiness Level (CRL) scale, the three Proofs of Concept, and the Digital Certification Framework.

Read the newsletter now and dive into exclusive updates driving the future of sustainable aviation: https://www.concertoproject.eu/newsletters

The newsletter issue has also been featured in the current issue of the Clean Aviation newsletter.


New video: “Certifying Disruptive Technologies for the Next Generation Aircraft: Explore the Active Wing concept”

A special video has been released, in which the certificability challenges of disruptive technologies addressed within the CONCERTO Project through three Proofs of Concept are presented, focusing on the groundbreaking Active Wing concept linked to Clean Aviation's SMR thrust. Key highlights include: 

  • the Experimental Validation Aircraft (EVA) set to demonstrate the feasibility and certificability of an active flutter control system, and the EVA subscale model, which is currently under wind tunnel testing.
  • the upcoming flight test campaigns that are planned till 2026, with progressive demonstration objectives.
  • the role of Dassault Aviation, ONERA, and Aviation Design UAV, in the design and manufacturing of the EVA demonstrator.

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