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News from EASN Stakeholders Advisory Board

The EASN Stakeholders Advisory Board (SAB) meeting took place on March 7th in Brussels. After a 6-years term in a rapidly evolving environment of the aviation sector, two prestigious members of the board decided to step back and provide room to other colleagues from the stakeholders’ ecosystem to bring their knowledge and experience in this high-level body of the EASN Association. 

We are grateful to Prof. Dieter Schmitt (former Chairman of the SAB) and Mr. Eric Dautriat for their valuable contribution in shaping the EASN strategy over the last years. While Prof. Schmitt resigned from the chair of the group, he will continue acting as a SAB member.

During the last meeting the SAB decided to enlarge the consulting group with new members, considering the emerging areas of the aviation and space sector. Today, we are happy to welcome to EASN’s SAB two new, highly experienced personalities of the aviation sector, namely, Mr. Joeri De Ruytter, and Mr. Francesco Salvato, and we are looking forward to their valuable contribution For the period till the new formation of the SAB, Prof. Spiros Pantelakis will act as interim Chairman of the board.