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Call for Tenders for the 2025 EASN International Conference

The EASN Association is launching a Call for Tenders amongst its society members for the co-organization of the 15th EASN International Conference, which is planned to take place in Fall 2025. 

Prospective applicants are invited to fill-in the application form and send it to info@easnconference.eu by the 20th of June 2024. Following their collection, the applications will be evaluated by the Board of Directors and a decision will be taken about the applicant who will be nominated as the co-organizer of the next EASN Conference. 

NOTE: The recommended title of the conference is: "Innovation in Aviation & Space towards sustainability today & tomorrow". Prospective organizers are kindly invited to suggest their own title.

For any questions or clarifications regarding the application process, please contact the EASN Conference Team: info@easnconference.eu.