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European Clean Aviation Regional Ecosystem

The ECARE (European Clean Aviation Regional Ecosystem) Clean Aviation project, has been recently setting vast efforts towards the preparation of a Handbook that will include validated methodologies and recommendations for synergies, including a comprehensive study of synergy mechanisms in the Pilot regions in France, Germany and Italy. The Handbook is planned to be able to serve other countries/regions/clusters to repeat the exercise produced during the entire ECARE project. Thus, it is collecting all the processes and tools developed within the project, representing the corresponding best practice, collect data, analyze them, and arrive to the synergy mechanisms. 

National workshops took place in April 2024 in the three countries with the respective funding bodies and stakeholders, during which the set methodology and recommended synergies were presented, discussed and validated. Concurrently, the ECARE Stakeholders Group (ESG) had a dedicated webinar organized earlier on February 29, during which the consortium partners introduced the ECARE digital platform to them. The said group has been growing and currently comprises of 29 members from 11 countries.

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