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Analysis of Skills, Training, Research and Innovation Opportunities in Space

The ASTRAIOS (Analysis of Skills, Training, Research and Innovation Opportunities in Space) Horizon Europe project, is making great leaps into its second year! The consortium has successfully completed its first review process which produced the finalization of several major deliverables that will be publicly available on the ASTRAIOS website soon. These include the ASTRAIOS web catalogue, the European Taxonomy of Space Knowledge (EU-TaSK), with fascinating facts about the European space workforce and the analysis of the future trends in the space sector to predict and anticipate the skill requirements of the field over the next 10-15 years. Currently, the ASTRAIOS partners are gathering further data and analysing all the data collected from the previously completed work, to further assess the various gaps hindering the progression and success of the space industry. This is to then provide a socio-demographic analysis fused with space education data, to be able to issue recommendations to policymakers at EU and national levels, and educational institutions regarding the future of the EU space sector. Simultaneously, peer-to-peer learning journey on Environment, Social, and Governance best practices in the space sector continues with the 2nd workshop that took place on April 25 with 8 new participants, and a total of 16 attendees, who exchanged their best practices. Help us spread the word on how exciting a career in the space sector is, through our latest outreach publications here


ASTRAIOS Peer-to-Peer Learning Journey on ESG Best Practices Continues


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