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Orbital Replacement Unit - based on Building Blocks for Advanced Assembly of Space Systems

The initiation of the ORU-BOAS (Orbital Replacement Unit - based on Building Blocks for Advanced Assembly of Space Systems) marks the beginning of a transformative journey, wherein we are revolutionizing space systems through a groundbreaking concept. Our committed researchers are dedicated to an ambitious objective: facilitating the assembly, repair, and deployment of space infrastructures directly in orbit. Emphasizing in-orbit services, we are working towards the development of an advanced ORU-BOAS standard module, elevating it to an impressive TRL5/6 level. This versatile plug-in module will be compatible with a wide range of payloads and will feature standard interfaces to seamlessly interact with other ORUs, satellite platforms, robotics elements, and the elements outlined in the "Plan European Roadmap and Activities for Space Exploitation of Robotics and Autonomy" (PERASPERA) roadmap.




Upon completing the project's first year, the Satellite Evolution Group, an all-encompassing marketing platform for the global Satellite, New Space, and Military, featured our coordinator, Jose Javier ViƱals Abelan. Through an engaging conversation, he delves into the project's essential characteristics, objectives, and our collaborative efforts to shape the space future.

Furthermore, we unveiled the inaugural episode of the captivating video series "Ask The Researchers." In this episode, our esteemed colleague Ana Ruiz Perez explores SENER's aspirations and responsibilities within the project.

Finally, a significant event took place in Brussels, as we celebrated the ORU-BOAS Preliminary Design Review (PDR). All consortium partners took part in this event, with some present in person and others joining remotely via Teams. Additionally, a representative from the European Commission and an industry expert were also present.

For more information and regular updates visit the ORU-BOAS official website and our social pages LinkedInTwitterYouTube.  


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