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New end-to-end digital framework for optimized manufacturing and maintenance of next generation aircraft composite structures

GENEX promo video | September 2023
The debut promotional video for the GENEX project premiered in October 2023, strategically designed to enhance the project's online presence. It takes center stage on the project website's homepageVideo Tab, and the official GENEX YouTube channel
Furthermore, GENEX has spearheaded the creation of a second promotional video, featuring five additional projects referred to as sister projects. These projects collectively share a common vision of advancing digitalized and sustainable manufacturing in aviation. Recognizing that ambitious goals require a collective effort, the six projects — GENEX, DOMMINIO, MORPHO, CAELESTIS, INFINITE, and SUSTAINAIR — have joined forces. Through collaborative endeavors, they have embarked on an unconventional journey, aiming for a pioneering future in manufacturing across Europe. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of this new video to witness their collective impact!

EASA participation to GENEX | December 2023 
An important dissemination event took place in December 2023. The EASA Research and Innovation Committee has approved its participation in GENEX as an external advisor regarding maintenance and repair processes. DLR, GMI Aero, as exploitation manager, and ITAINNOVA, as coordinator, attended a meeting with EASA where the participation of the latter was initiated in this meeting, ITAINNOVA, DLR, and GMI representatives introduced the general aspects of the project as well as the scope and objectives of WP6, focused on the environmental impact and maintenance, repair, and overhaul guidelines, in which EASA will considerably participate.
Another pinnacle of the final month of the year was the launch of the inaugural project Newsletter! Over a year passed since the project commenced and numerous milestones have been achieved showcasing GENEX’s advancements. These include comprehensive market analysis of composite materials, robust testing of sensor capabilities for structural monitoring, and the formulation of a digitalized framework intended for repair activities. 
Delve into the first issue of the GENEX Newsletter for an in-depth look at the project’s journey and join our online community to stay consistently informed. Be part of the ongoing development of a multidisciplinary twin for the next generation of aircraft composite structures. Enjoy the read!

genex newsletter issue#1

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