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Impact Monitor

The Impact Monitor Project, an innovative initiative aiming to deliver a collaborative framework and toolbox for technology and policy assessment of the environmental, economic, and societal impacts of European aviation R&I, has been making significant strides during its first year of implementation. From the identification of stakeholders’ needs and requirements, the categorization of KPIs for the toolbox, the set-up for exchanging tools and data between the partners, the specification of requirements for the dashboard application, to the elaboration of the use cases, the highly competent consortium has been working diligently to ensure a comprehensive and efficient framework and toolbox for the assessment process. The progress of the first months of implementation has been showcased in the 1st Issue of the Impact Monitor Newsletter, which was released on October, 2023.

Impact Monitor Newsletter Issue#1

The project partners are actively engaged in close collaboration to ensure that all technological and operational aspects are thoroughly addressed. Regular meetings and communication channels have been established to facilitate the exchange of ideas and progress updates. The M12 progress meeting is already planned to take place in Barcelona, Spain, next February, generously hosted by the prestigious Technical University of Barcelona.

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