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Hybrid-Electric Regional Architecture

The HERA consortium gathered for the first Intermediate Review at CAJU premises on October 13, in Brussels. The project's progress underwent a comprehensive evaluation, receiving positive and encouraging feedback from the reviewers. Following this, the HERA partners have intensified their efforts, focusing on achieving the upcoming milestones and representing, as best as possible, the project at prestigious events. One of them will be the Clean Aviation Forum, scheduled for March 5-6, 2024, in Brussels, featuring the participation of HERA through posters and videos.

Over the past three months, the HERA consortium has been actively engaged in scientific endeavors. In October, AIRBUS, a HERA partner, presented a paper titled “Conflict Detection Performance of Ground-based Radar Networks for Urban Air Mobility” at the Digital Avionics Systems Conference 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.  In November, the Politecnico di Torino research team, led by Marco Fioriti, published the paper “A Design Model for Electric Environmental Control System in Aircraft Conceptual and Preliminary Design” in the International Review of Aerospace Engineering. The article is available for free download from HERA’s Zenodo profile for readers who are interested in this work.

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