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EASN Research Webinars start on 8th of March 2024

One of the permanent objectives of the EASN Association is the dissemination of knowledge and technological innovation, such as for example project results achieved in the context of funded aerospace research. To further support this objective, a new dissemination tool will be soon introduced, entitled “EASN Research Webinars”. 

The purpose of the EASN Research Webinars (ERW) concept is to become the platform for dissemination of research results that complements the regular EASN conferences and workshops, while also providing the opportunity to deliver certain educational aspects on aerospace research issues in general. The ERW will be open to the entire aerospace research community. Students are mostly welcome to participate. The topics of the Webinars concern edge research performed in the frame of aerospace projects.

The webinars will take place every second Friday at 14:00 CET. They shall have a duration of approximately 1 hour, including presentations and discussion. 

The webinars start on the 8th of March, and the detailed program will be announced very soon via all EASN channels (website, LinkedIn, and email). Stay tuned with us to promptly receive the information. You are also kindly invited to distribute the invitation in your network.

Please send your potential proposals to Helge Pfeiffer (helge.pfeiffer@kuleuven.be) and Apostolos Chamos (apostolos.chamos@easn.net).