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European Clean Aviation Regional Ecosystem

ECARE (European Clean Aviation Regional Ecosystem), a Clean Aviation project, is halfway through its project lifetime! It has been making momentous progress on developing and disseminating methodologies for creating synergy mechanisms applicable to all EU aeronautical regions and towards enabling the European aeronautical industry to achieve the ambitious targets of the CA JU Programme, while maximising public funding impact and efficiency. To achieve these ambitious goals, during the past months, the ECARE consortium has finalized two central documents. 1) The ECARE taxonomy and mapping report, which encompasses a comprehensive taxonomy and mapping report, along with a compiled list of calls, funded projects, and stakeholder competences specific to the four ECARE project regions: Occitanie and Nouvelle Aquitaine in France, Campania in Italy, and Hamburg in Germany. and 2) the List of needs as identified in interviews with aeronautical stakeholders in the four pilot regions in France, Italy, and Germany. Simultaneously, the ECARE Stakeholders Group (ESG) has been growing, currently with 25 members from 10 countries. 

The consortium furthermore completed a significant milestone through the successful organization of the Transnational Workshop, which took place at the CA JU premises in Brussels on November 28, 2023 and brought together key stakeholders in aeronautics funding from across Europe, aiming to foster synergies in European funding endeavors and accelerate aviation decarbonization. For an in-detail read about all these news, you may also check out the recently published ECARE Newsletter

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